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Blogs And Your Online Business

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you no doubt have seen many blogs. Blogs are a relatively new approach to Internet marketing and are wildly popular. In fact, if you have a website, you should also have a blog. Further, many use their blogs as their actual website. It’s your choice, but because it’s so important to be able to connect to your audience, a blog is the perfect avenue to do so.

Blogs and your online business go hand-in-hand because first, you want to have your information available to your audience, and secondly and most importantly, you want the ability for your audience to easily connect with you. This is one way to gain respect and ultimately, more traffic to your site, err, blog.

One of the unique features of a blog is that you can “post” any content that’s related to your blog’s topic and receive and reply to comments from your audience. What a great way to connect and stay connected to your audience! This technique allows you to gain the trust of your audience and convince them that you’re not there to sell them something, but rather, to inform them (aka “soft sell” to gain trust). If you offer a product they need or want, they will most likely buy from you first because you have built a relationship with them – one that they trust. In the online business, if people don’t trust you, success will elude you.

Another feature of blogging is that you can begin to build your email list by offering a signup form right on your blog. So, when people begin to trust you, so to will they trust you enough to permit you to send them your newsletter. Just a reminder, please don’t send anyone on your list an email until you have secured their express permission to do so. Doing so without their permission will only create problems for you and could possibly get you black-listed as a spammer. I’ve covered this in a previous article.

Getting traffic to your blog, just like your website, takes patience and knowledge about the many tactics and techniques available today. The techniques are fairly easy to follow and master. Paid advertising can be done in ways such as with PPC (pay-per-click), and free advertising is available in the form of article marketing or blogging.

You may already know that I belong to a fantastic community of online marketers. Learning Internet marketing and all that it has to offer is fun and rewarding. I’ve learned most of what I know from this community. If you’re serious about online marketing, you owe it to yourself to take a good look. Learning about blogs and your online business is a great place to start!

Learning Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, like any other business, requires discipline and a burning desire to get things going. I would like to be one of the first to congratulate you on your decision! You see, learning Internet marketing represents a full-blown opportunity for you and your family to finally put your financial fears to rest. However, it’s going to take hard work and dedication to your new venture.

I know that you may have been led to believe that all you have to do is build a website, list a few products, and wait for the money to roll in. BUNK! Don’t you believe it. To start, let me emphatically say that you should find a reliable source for information and training that won’t exaggerate their success and leave you even more confused. By reliable source, I mean one that will guide you step-by-step to the goal you’re trying to reach. If you’re not prepared, this business will overwhelm you very quickly because there is a lot to learn, and who you learn from is crucial. Here’s a list of what you should learn:

• Article marketing – writing articles for profit that are related to your niche.

• Keyword research – finding the “hot” keywords within your niche that will get you the traffic you need to make your business profitable.

• PPC advertising – you choose your keyword(s) and write short ads with these words. You then pay a set price for each time an interested party clicks on your ad. If you are not sure of what you’re doing with PPC, this can cost you more than you may have anticipated. Careful!

• Blogging – permission based blogging that will allow you to get your name out there and over time, deliver more and more traffic to your site.

• Website – build your own website to display your products or advertise your business.

This is only a short list of the basics of learning Internet marketing, and there here to get you going in the right direction. However, each entry on the list above requires knowledge and training. I urge you to get that training before you invest too much money. The best thing to do, like I’ve already said, is to get involved with people you can trust. You can tell who these people are. They don’t exaggerate and they do NOT promise that you will be rich overnight or even next month.

If you’re wondering where I learned so much about Internet marketing, I can tell you that without a doubt, WA is the premier institution for learning Internet marketing that teaches you from scratch, how to make a living online. No hype, no gimmicks, and most of all, no false promises! They stress consistency in your efforts, coupled with knowledge you can trust, from people who live Internet marketing every day. See you there!

Oh, I almost forgot. When you arrive at my site, go ahead and sign up for my Mad Marketing Method. I will send you a series of emails that will help you immensely in learning Internet marketing. Once you’ve reviewed my Mad Marketing Method, you will be well on your way to learning this great business!

Online Jobs From Home

Working online jobs from home is a great way to make some extra money or even make a living if you want to. There are many people that do either one so working online is a great way for whatever you want to do. I’ve heard of people making anywhere from $50 a day to $50,000 a month. It really depends on how much effort you want to put into it, which I think is a great way to work. If you want more money, then you work more. I don’t know about you, but what better way than to decide how much money you want by how much you work? It’s pretty much a constant raise for your amount of work.

There are many kinds of online jobs from home that you can choose from. From data entry to article writing, you can pick what you want and enjoy every minute of it. The best paying and the most rewarding job is affiliate marketing, because of its consistent payment and helpful community of other affiliate marketers. Also, the best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make money while you’re not working. Everything you write stays on the internet for people to look at and make you money. Everyone that works as an affiliate marketer always enjoy every minute of it and wish they had started working online sooner.

Unfortunately, there are some scams out there and they will try to take your money. This really irritates me, since I love working online and so many other people do too. When I first started looking for an online job, all I heard about were the scams and the con artists that were out there. Many of my friends that are now affiliate marketers with me were tricked by these scams and lost a lot of money. They almost quit looking until they found Wealthy Affiliate which is an online learning program that teaches everything on how to work as an affiliate marketer along with many other online jobs from home. Both my friends and I are in Wealthy Affiliate and we learn so much from how to get started to super advanced marketing techniques. Overall, it is a great program and so many people are becoming more successful because of it.

On a final note, online jobs from home are out there and you can definitely pick what you want to do. It really is a great decision and a lot of people are able to go on vacations, get their dream home or car, and even quit their jobs to be a full time affiliate marketer. There are so many possibilities when it comes to working online, so I highly recommend it and look into it. There is so much money that is ready to be made, so I hope you do really well with online jobs from home.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my article. You can make a lot of money so I hope you enjoy it and live your life to the fullest.

Top 10 Alternatives to Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a fast and easy way to monetize your website, or blog, but has a lot of stringent rules in place. This Buzzle article looks at some of the better alternatives to AdSense.

Google relies on geo-targeting the ads. What this means is, that the ads that show up on a user’s screen is related to the region that he is from.
‘Google provides for all’. This sentence may get most bloggers and webmasters up in arms, crying out foul, but few can argue that this has, in fact, been something that most have made peace with. Google, over the years, has grown, and grown like one on some serious steroids! Today, most of the web’s traffic is diverted through this behemoth’s servers, and that inadvertently makes Google, the one who calls all the shots when it comes to ecommerce sites making money.

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and effective ways to monetize your website. But Google has set out some rather stringent rules and guidelines in place, to rule out any malpractices in advertising adopted by websites to make money. Some may argue that these guidelines are apt, whereas others may call them absolutely outrageous. Whatever school of thought you may belong to, you would agree that rules need to be set in place so that everyone has a fair chance at making money the right way. While there is no denying that few other ad serving applications match up to AdSense, there are quite a few alternatives that you could opt for. Here are the top 10 alternatives to AdSense, that you could choose –

1. Chitika
Chitika is one of the most preferred choices for bloggers and webmasters looking for suitable alternatives to AdSense. It gives you a lot of flexibility, with regards to how you would like to place the adverts on your website or blog. What makes it a favorite amongst bloggers is the fact that it has a real low minimum payout of 10 USD.

2. Yahoo! Bing Network
The closest competitors of Google―Yahoo, and Bing, along with other syndicated partner sites―have their own ad serving applications, which are just as good as its competition. It offers Pay Per Click adverts, in addition to search marketing ads. Its key USP is the high level of customization. It offers the website to modify, and place the adverts so that they blend with the rest of the content on the website.

3. Kontera
Kontera is another popular choice, especially for webmasters looking to monetize their website. Kontera relies on in-text adverts, wherein it creates a hyperlink for the keywords on the page. Kontera’s popularity has grown in recent times, with some big names opting in for the application.

4. Clicksor
Clicksor relies mainly on their text adverts, and in-text adverts, to generate revenue for the host website. It also offers a 10% commission for any referrals that sign join in.

5. Vibrant Media
Vibrant Media offers different forms of advertising, right from in-text ads, to in-image ads. They also have display ads, which is based on the Cost per-thousand Impressions (CPM) model.
6. AdSide
AdSide uses a banner ad format to generate revenue. The banners also have a small thumbnail to the left of each row of ads. As compared to the other forms of advertising, AdSide takes a non-intrusive approach, which has worked in its favor.

7. Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser offers all the usual features like in-text ads, image ads, and banner ads. In addition to the regular Pay per Click option, it also offers a conversion bonus―if the clicks from your webpage or blog lead to valid leads, you stand to get an additional bonus.

8. LinkWorth
Another ad serving application that is seen as a worthy AdSense substitute, LinkWorth offers in-text ads, image ads, and sponsored posts among other advertising options.

9. Amazon Associates
The largest online store, Amazon, offers a fairly simple, and straightforward ad solution. It places image adverts on your web page, or blog, and then, for every click on the advert that translates into a purchase, it pays you an amount as commission.

10. Infolinks
Something that makes Infolinks rather appealing, is the ease with which you can choose to place their in-text ads, along with a banner, or image ads from some other provider.

These applications should serve as viable alternatives to Google AdSense, and help monetize you website or blog. However, the fact remains that Google AdSense is the biggest player in the market, and has the biggest payout as well. However, Google is also infamous about how it bans sites, without any valid reason. So, adopt one of these alternatives, and improve upon your ad sense!